Murals can take you to another time and place, all in the comfort of your own home. Unlike a one-time vacation,  I can transform your living space to be anything or anywhere you wish you could be, and you can be there every day. How about transforming a wall into a custom design that follows existing design elements?  Or merely disguise an area that isn't aesthetically appealing, like a misplaced door or access panel...  I love making unattractive elements in your environment disappear! 

I use only non-toxic, fast drying, low odor acrylic paints.

Pricing varies widely based on subject matter, details, placement of the mural (interior, exterior, ceiling etc),whether scaffolding or ladders are required and the various elements you want to include.  I am more than willing to cater a project to an existing budget, and this method seems to work well for most people.  You tell me how much you would like to spend, and I build the project around your needs.


Let's discuss your unique project, no obligation... email me at,
or give me a call 540-660-2716

Ford's Fish Shack, Ashburn Virginia
September 2010 (ongoing)

The first of 3 fantastic seafood restaurant in Northern Virginia... go check them out, you won't be sorry you did!  You can find my work in this large wall mural and also in various places around the restaurant. First image is how it was finished originally, back in 2010. Subsequent images are elements that have been added in over the years.

Be sure to visit the restrooms:  Moose (Mens) and Lobster (Ladies)



Second location in South Riding (Chantilly);


Tuscarora High School, Leesburg Virginia
June, 2010
I was contacted to render an existing logo (not my design) on the wall of the main gymnasium of a newly constructed high school in Loudoun County, Virginia.  This was my largest project to date, as far as sheer size and height is concerned.  There were 6 sections of scaffolding, each 4 feet high plus wheels... I realized it was good I loved climbing trees as a child-- great preparation!!  Here's a picture I took while up the highest, looking straight down:

And here are a couple of overviews, this one with me at the base of the "T" to show scale.  I also painted the "HUSKIES" lettering.  The bottom of the letters are at 15 feet 4 inches, and they are 3 feet high.


Family Tree Mural
Florida, May 2010
My brother had a house built just before Christmas, and my sister-in-law told me about a great idea she had for a mural.  I was anxious to give them a housewarming gift, soo...  The mural has many personal elements, including the dates my brother and sister-in-law met and were married, the image of my brother's dog (who has passed on) and each branch of the tree represents one of their children.  Each child's name and birth date is "carved" into a limb, and they each chose an animal, insect or "carved" object to represent them.


Pelican Watch Sign Graphic
About 4 ft tall, on 1/2" thick PVC panel. 
The shape of this pelican was pre-determined... and the sign was pre-existing.  But I redid the cutout of the pelican:


Blue Ridge Wildlife Center
Donated April, 2010
(work in progress)
Stephanie Harding ( and I collaborated on this mural.  The concept is one I've tackled before, the 4 seasons, populated with animals common to the area and often seen by the Staff of the Center.  Many of the images are from photos gleaned from employees, volunteers and friends of the Center.  I worked mostly on the Autumn and Winter walls, we both worked on the Spring wall, and the Summer wall is all Stephanie's.

Autumn (Michele, except for clouds):

Spring (collaborative effort):

My big tree (pre turtles), turtles and downed log, and raccoons:

Stephanie's owls, robin and pond (I did the big tree):

Stephanie's Summer wall, bear and hawk:

Not a lot going on in winter at the moment...


Dining Room Tree Decorative Painting
Frederick County, VA  October 2009
The walls were already faux finished with a metallic glaze that was very elegant.  The client asked for some branches.  I tried to keep it very simple and understated, and ended up going with a metallic to help it "appear and disappear" as one walks around the room.  Very subtle but a nice little added element to the room.

The Barn Mural
Frederick County, VA  Sept 2009

(More details can be seen on the Works In Progress page)

Acrylic on various surfaces.  The clients had constructed a facade of a Western town.  They contacted me to paint the sky and some mountains in the background.  While I worked on that, I brainstormed with the clients, and ultimately painted scenes in the windows, some signs on the buildings, and entire walls in certain areas.  This was a joy to work on, not only because of the creativity flowing rampant by all involved, but also because of the clients themselves.  With a project like this, how could they NOT be such fun people with great vision!!



The Church was actually added later, after one of many brainstorming sessions...

Detail of the cowboy riding into town on the dirt road:

The Livery Stable, one of the final brainstorming add-ons:

Hmmm... how to hide an inappropriate doorknob...

Some of the signage, painted on the wall directly:

Even the ceiling fell victim to my brush...


Drive- In Mural 2
Lynchburg, VA;  April 2009

(More details can be seen on the Works In Progress page)

Acrylic on drywall painted with satin finish paint... you can see the steps on the works in progress page...  I painted the family into the mural, and will post the images if I get permission to do so...


ATF Mural
Front Royal, VA; September 2008
Acrylic on Komatex (PVC panel), cut out and mounted on drywall.


Floral Fantasy- Bella's Room
Winchester VA; July 2008
A little girl got a room transformation...  There are now flowers growing all over her room, that were inspired by her curtains, and a few butterflies and dragonflies to keep her company during naps... A relatively simple concept with a pretty dramatic effect!

And her big sister got a little something, too...


Rachel's Castle
Winchester VA; July 2008

Little Rachel got a fantasy-theme to her bedroom.  There's a castle through a "window", with butterflies and fairies, and some trees growing in the magical forest that is now her room...

Robin added July 23...

Don't jump, kitty!!


Elk Breakthrough
Toms Brook VA;  July 2008
Mural on Cinderblock exterior wall, 10ft x 15 ft

The progress of this mural is posted on my "works in progress/ previous" page for you to see.. here it is finished:

ATF (Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms) Banner
Front Royal, VA;  April 2008
Mural on canvas, 5ft x 10ft

I will be doing more for this company, including a mural on an as yet undetermined surface (I'm leaning toward Cintra) so it can be removed if needed and moved to a different location.  This one is done on Polyflax canvas, which is part synthetic so there was very little shrinkage.  It can be removed from the wall (It was actually mounted with staples which can then be covered with trim to look like a frame), rolled up and transported.  It can also be installed like wallpaper for a cleaner, more lasting application.


It's DONE!!
Corvettes at the Drive-In,
Private Showroom, Winchester VA; March 2008

My most ambitious project to date (and I've had a few others that used to hold that distinction!)...  Most of the cars depicted are owned by the client so I was fortunate enough to have the references keeping me company while I was painting.  Such a beautiful space to paint in, surrounded by these gorgeous automobiles...  I am leaving the stages on the "works in progress" page for anyone interested.  It took 25 painting sessions of anywhere from 3-8 hours each to complete, over a roughly 4 month period of time, which included several "snow days," other scheduled projects and various interruptions.  Thanks so much to the clients for their patience, I hope it was worth the wait!!


And after...

An Artist friend of mine suggested an interesting way to "sign" the mural, and I went for it...  The original plan was just to paint "a woman" with "my" t-shirt on, but the more I painted the more she started to resemble me...  It wasn't intentional, but I suppose I do know my face better than anyone else's since I've been looking at it in a mirror the last 30-some years...

Ahhh, it feels good to be done... for now!


Whimsical Tree in a Corner,
Private Residence, Ashburn VA; December 2007

A nice quick mural in a "sophisticated baby's room"!  The clients wanted something that would blend well with the bedding, but that would be a unique element unto itself.  With the beautiful light fixture as inspiration, and lots of help from the client to realize their vision, I was able to come up with a design that not only the clients loved, but I was very happy with as well!  A bit of a break from my usual realistic style, but I had SO MUCH FUN with this mural!



This is the bedding...  recognize the flowers and leaves?  ;)


Ribbons And Vines, Private Residence, Winchester VA; September and October 2007

A little "trompe l'oeil"...  I painted a "sign" on the outside of the Powder Room door.  It's all paint, no sign...

In the Powder Room, I painted a bow/ ribbon and vines over the sink mirror... and some drapery up at the top for a border.  The border continues around the room...

and after... or technically, "during"...

This is the foyer that I painted last month...

...and here I am painting this mural.. Almost done, do I look tired?  Photo courtesy of the Client, thank you!

Malamute Husky, Private Residence, Winchester VA, August 2007






CAREFUL if you have children nearby...

Does a Bear S#&^ in the Woods?  Not Always...
Outhouse door, Massanutten Archery Club outdoor range, Bentonville VA  July 2007



Egypt in Virginia, Private Residence, Winchester VA  May 2007


The large rendition of King Tutankhamen's burial mask on the right hand side, as well as the 3 colorful panels, are left over from a previous mural done by a friend of mine, Kristine Turner.  I painted the rest... stonework on walls and ceiling, 2 dark statues, desert scene, bathroom door, crypt with gold sarcophagus and throne, and hieroglyphics all over that big wall!




Some close ups:





... And a little trompe l'oeil in the attached bathroom... the niches and tiles are painted...


Virginia Countryside Mural, Private Residence, Marshall VA, May 2007

Acacia Tree, Private Residence, Winchester Va, May 2007

I painted the acacia tree to help incorporate the elephant, which is actually a stick-on adhesive "mural" that the client already had on the wall. 





Woodland Mural, Private Residence, Front Royal Va, February 2007

A little outdoors... IN!  I used the client's mounted deer head as a model to personalize things a bit more.





Faux Window with Grapes and Wine, January 2007

This project started out as a faux niche, but developed into a glassless window, because I couldn't figure out a realistic way to incorporate the grapevine.  I borrowed one of the client's wineglasses as a model, but made up the bottle...without label to keep it simple.  Below is a before and after, followed by a closer view of the glass, bottle and grapes.




Frederick County Animal Shelter, December 2006 and on...

I will consider this mural an ongoing project.  I donated this mural because I hope to make the new shelter a place of beauty for the dedicated, hard-working people who work there, as well as the wonderful patrons who have adopted, and will adopt, the deserving animals who find themselves without a family.

I hope to add animals to the mural over time, eventually having at least one pet depicted for each of the shelter employees.  So far, I have depicted 2 of the past shelter mascots.  I have Gretchen, standing "watch" over one of the doors designated for employees only, and Henry (who passed just after his image was painted), attentively watching a kitty sitting in a tree above him. 

I was also able to finish Charlotte, the late Harrington Smith's cat, trying to keep her balance over a memorial plaque mounted in their honor.  And finally, one of the shelter employee's dogs is shown playing with one of the many pups fostered by his owner, Holly.







Under The Sea Mural

This was an undersea themed mural done in a family friend's childrens' room.  The mural covers 3 of the walls.  Make sure you hold your breath!

On another wall....

Another wall section...

Last section of wall...






Garage Door Mural


My most ambitious project to date was this exterior garage door mural.  The four seasons are depicted.  Above is the before and after, and here are some detail images...



Summer and Autumn:

And of course, Winter:

Here are a few of the animals...











Greek/ Roman Courtyard Mural

This is a Greek/ Roman themed mural that has elements here and there around the room.  The clients did the Venetian Plaster,which was a wonderfully smooth surface to paint on.





All Freight Delivery Systems, Winchester, VA



The Owner of the business wanted a sign in his lobby, but instead we incorporated a mural.  We designed it to look like the drywall had been ripped away to expose the granite-relief of his business name underneath, as if it had always been there!



Dr Miller Keyser Maloney's Dental Office, Stephens City, Virginia

Makes a visit to the Dentist at least slightly more pleasant!




Private Residence, Florida




Plan Bee and Beads, Winchester, Virginia

I painted a series of murals at Plan Bee and Beads, Winchester, Virginia at Creekside Village-- just found out they have been painted over when the business was relocated... :( Here are a handful of them...

The Great "Shelf" of China...













And Quan Yin, representing India...




Young Grizzly Portable Mural

This is a "mural" done on canvas that was then cut out and pasted to a wall like wallpaper.  With proper wall preparation and using strippable wallpaper paste, this allows it to be removed at a later date so you can take it with you wherever you go.


Exotic Animal Mural, Private Residence, Philomont VA

Ever get the feeling you were being WATCHED???




Shenandoah Valley Baptist Church, Stephens City Virginia



Eagle Scout Shed, Winchester, Virginia  June 2006




Winchester Montessori School

This is a mural I donated to the school...




Faux Brick Wall with Breakaways, Private Residence, Winchester VA


This is a bar in a private residence.  They wanted brick, but didn't want the real thing, so I painted the brick, and then we did several "breakaways" on another wall, as if the drywall had been partially removed to expose "posters" of different drinks with recipes on them.  The posters are all painted as well.

Here's a before and after:



I capped the end with a wooden column to match the bar...



A few closer views of the posters: