Michele D. (Erickson) Sommers

Michele D (Erickson) Sommers started drawing as a child, enjoying the usual subjects a young girl prefers, horses and cats.  Years went by, while her creativity patiently waited for her.  After working for several years as a Veterinary Assistant, a friend asked her to paint a decorative sign mural for her business, and the seed was planted.  Drawing was challenging, but painting was fun!  Being the kind of person who rarely feared trying something new, and having a loving husband who let her do just that, she started painting and creating for commissions in her spare time.

Michele balanced her love of animals by working part time as a Veterinary Assistant for several decades, while painting murals and portraits, and practicing calligraphy whenever she had spare time.  She now paints full time. Her inspiration comes from animals and nature, and she strives to bring the beauty of the natural world into the lives of her patrons.  Her murals and portraits are created in acrylic paint, but she also uses colored pencil and occasionally watercolor, oils and pastels, and digital art.  Like most artists, she continues to hone her skills through workshops and classes.  Her murals adorn several businesses as well as many private residences in Virginia, West Virginia, New Jersey, Florida, Pennsylvania, and even Washington state.  Michele has donated several murals to local schools and animal shelters, which resulted in several newspaper articles, and even a local television interview (no, it never aired, thank goodness! ;)  ).


Artist's Statement:

"I most enjoy painting murals that 'make sense.'  If it's an outdoor scene, I enjoy painting it in a 'breakaway,' as if your wall has crumbled to expose the wooded haven beyond, or maybe creating a window onto the peaceful vista of your imagination. 
The possibilities are endless. 

"I also love painting animals, and strive to populate your world with the faces of your loving companions, either as a formal pet portrait, or as a scene painted directly on your wall.  I work mostly from photographs, as often that's the only image available of a dearly departed pet. 
I have begun to branch out into painting people as well, and am finding that very rewarding, albeit more challenging! 

"As much as I enjoy doing custom work for my clients, I have recently begun to paint for my own joy, on canvas, as I try to find my place in the world as an artist.  My sincere hope is that I bring some joy and happiness to those who view my work. 
Smiles are contagious.  If one person looks at my work and smiles, it's worth it."