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My name is Michele D. (Erickson) Sommers, and I live in Front Royal, Virginia.  I am an artist who does murals, portraits, calligraphy and original works on canvas, velvet and even some animal skulls. If it sits still long enough, I'll paint it! I will travel within reason, and of course works on canvas can be shipped anywhere.  My email address is Michele@sommersend.com, or give me a call at 540-635-6824. You can also find me on Facebook, at www.facebook.com/sommersend


Please feel free to take a look around.  Check back often, as I will be adding images over time, and as new projects are completed.  Thank you for stopping by!

Website last updated November 2016; summary of new items...

So much new stuff! I add the latest work to my facebook page,


If you see something that interests you, please feel free to contact me, no obligation.
 Prints can be made if you are interested, just let me know. I use Fine Art America to process my prints on a variety of surfaces.


I have some older paintings on the Works in Progress page, if you want to see the stages of some of my previous ones...

I have a fan page on Facebook, where I try to post my most recent work.  Feel free to check it out! www.facebook.com/sommersend

Sommers End Originals

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Michele D (Erickson) Sommers lives in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her Husband Arthur, various cats, a horse, a Bourke Parakeet, and many fish.  Her inspiration comes from nature and animals, which she enjoys incorporating into her work whenever possible.  Feel free to browse her website, and sign her guestbook while you're here.  Check her Facebook page often (www.facebook.com/sommersend), as she does try to keep the page updated with new projects!

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My newer work is posted on my Facebook page (www.facebook.com/sommersend)
Sommers End Originals




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My latest surface is one I have avoided at all costs... Automotive! The saving grace was that this is our car (we are the proud owners of not one, but TWO Mustangs!),
 and the spoiler was ruined anyway, so hubby agreed to let me "play" with it... Before and after:


And since MY Mustang was lonely, I found her a friend:




Another unusual surface to paint on... VELVET!  Nope, no Elvis here, just this Wicked Tiger!  Thanks to One Wicked Gallery in Wilmington NC for inspiring me to enter this piece in their Velvet Show this month (Feb 2011)

WICKED TIGER, acrylic on velvet (SOLD)


One of my more recent surfaces; deer skulls.  I do these custom, on a commission basis, with skulls provided by you.  Something a little different for your trophy wall,
and more affordable than a full mount.  More information on the Painted Skulls page...


I was sponsored by Gourmet Delights Gifts and Framing to paint a paddle (see the overview and other side) for a river awareness event (external link)  in Front Royal several years ago.  I won First Place in the Adult Division of the "On the River" paddle contest!  (www.canoecapital.org)


3D Painting done on PVC panels, cut out and attached to give it a 3 dimensional look.


Pacific Northwest

Washington State, October/ November, 2016

Ford's Fish Shack, Ashburn VA
Detail of large mural in a fantastic seafood restaurant, after some additions this past summer... The mural changes, pay attention or you might miss something!


The Barn
  Stages on the Works In Progress page, overall mural on the Murals page. Never complete, we add to it pretty much every year ;)







Glow paint makes for an interesting glow with the spotlights off (doesn't photograph well, this shows those coyote pups better!)







Painted around a life-sized photo cutout of Mr Eastwood...






.. And gave some deer mounts some scenery. I've been wanting to paint in the bodies of head-and-shoulder mounts for a while now. I love when people let me experiment!





Father Kane
Acrylic, 14 x 18
Commission (sold)


Cedar and Jerry
Acrylic, 11x14
Christmas commission (sold)

Simon and Otis
Acrylic, 11x14
Commission (sold)


Higher Learning
acrylic, 12 x 24

In the Valley
Acrylic, 11x14
commission (sold)


Warrior of the Plains
Acrylic, 11x14


Hannah's Horses
Based on a photo by Hannah Hardison
Acrylic on clear gessoed linen, 8x10

Owls Emerging -Sold
Acrylic on clear gessoed linen, 8x10


Little Bird, Big 'Tude
Acrylic, 6x6



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Client photos of the artist at work!

Good thing I'm not afraid of heights!