Art Cards Editions and Originals

These are small, 2 1/2 by 3 1/2 inches, usually done on paper.  ACEO's started out as ATC's (Artist Trading Cards) that were not sold, but were a fun way for artists to trade work with other artists in a small format that doesn't take much time to complete.  At some point, someone decided to sell these miniature works, as it allows original artwork to be affordable for nearly anyone. 

ACEO's were the result, as a true ATC is not supposed to be sold.  Some artists do make prints of their small pieces (Editions), but I keep mine as originals only to keep the spirit of the concept alive- providing original artwork at a very affordable price.  Most of the work I have done here are donations, but I am happy to create custom works in this small size, or if you see something you like, I can do something similar for you.  No two are ever alike!  These small, original pieces sell for anywhere from $10-30, depending on the subject matter and level of detail.

Here they are, on a miniature tree that was decorated by Gourmet Delights Gifts and Framing and donated to the Blue Ridge Arts Council for their "Deck the Halls" event, 2010.